Women are doing it, Streaming it, and deal with it

Even the hardest-working feminists among us sometimes need a break.

It’s no secret that the numbers surrounding women in cinema are dismal. Melissa Silverstein’s Women and Hollywood recently reported that only 74 of the 271 people invited to join the Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences this year were women. We also know that for every 15 or so male directors, there is just one female director. At the same time, filmmakers of all genders continue to explore new representations of women in cinema. We thought it was time to revisit some essential feminist films (a few classics and several, perhaps, unexpected picks) that deconstruct gender identity, explore issues pertinent to women and their history, and challenge the patriarchy. These films, directed by women and men, have broadened the scope of female representation in cinema.na. Sed

Fierce is not just a POV it's a Genre too.

In fact, there are some movies that we'd say all feminists should make a point to see at some point. These are films that provide much-needed lessons about what it means to be fiercely independent women while also giving plenty of reasons to laugh, cry, and enjoy every moment. That is to mean, it's pretty much impossible to watch the women in these movies without a smile on your face and, when the credits started rolling, a newfound determination to be just like them.

So check out these groundbreaking feminist films —they’re movies that every feminist should see at least once in their lives.

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