70’s Drugs are Streaming Here Baby!

Easy mister the guy with the long hair is directing this flick.

Jack Nicholson inhaling marijuana in Easy Rider; Al Pacino snorting up a mountain of coke in Scarface; Cheech and Chong smoking the largest joint ever in Up in Smoke; Matt Dillon shooting up in Drugstore Cowboy; Malcolm McDowell drinking synth-meth in A Clockwork Orange; deranged "marihuana addicts" in Reefer Madness. These are the enduring images of drug use in movies. And they are the basis for a new category of movie established for the purpose of this article: The Drug Movie.

Pray Eat, Swallow and Stream best 70's Drug Films.

What exactly is a drug movie? It's a movie in which the theme is either entirely about drugs (pot, coke, LSD, heroin, Ecstasy, peyote, mushrooms, meth, pharmaceuticals) or in which drugs play a major role. Like the sports movie or the war movie, the drug movie is a unique genre unto itself. It can be a movie-within-a-movie, a drug scene that alters the storyline or a visual style representing drug use without the drugs themselves. But when asked to vote for their Top 25 Drug Movies of All Time, our esteemed stoner panel repeatedly cited films that embraced the drug ethos.

There are plenty of films we love to watch stoned -- Fantasia, 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Wizard of Oz immediately come to mind -- but these are not drug movies per se. So when we compiled our list of 125 drug movies -- from Altered States to Woodstock -- they were intentionally omitted in order to prevent confusion. We then sent the list and a ballot to 100 prospective panelists (writers, directors, actors, etc.) asking them to select their Top 25 Drug Movies of All Time.

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