Family Safe Movies Online for Family Night

Always let them remember the night you all watched on the couch.

Got a ‘lil film buff on your hands? We thought so. Thankfully, we've created an epic list of the best kids' movies around! There are plenty of classics and new family picks to make each popcorn and New York pizza–packed movie night better than the next.

Please let the pet watch too

To help you make your selections, we’ve compiled a foolproof lineup of our favorites to please all generations squeezed on the couch (plus the babysitter, if she’s left in charge). Oh, and don't forget these cookie delivery services if you're really feeling that sweet tooth.

As you can probably guess, the competition was pretty fierce—you’ll see a number of blockbusters that are in your regular rotation alongside some newer kid-pleasing flicks, and we have no doubt we may have missed some of your favorites. Weigh in below and let us know what titles you think deserve recognition (or to give us two thumbs up on our selections), and while you’re at it, check out our ideas for other free things to do with kids in New York and our favorite family comedy movies.

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