Spy Films are Watching you Right Now

Get shaken, stirred and thoroughly satisfied.

With another appearance for 007 coming soon in Sam Mendes’ Spectre and a host of other new releases including Kingsman: The Secret Service and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, there wouldn’t seem to be a pressing need for any other secret-agent movies. But the film industry clearly sees things differently: 2015 is the year of the Bond wannabes, with espionage capers coming along almost as regularly as superhero blockbusters. Perhaps the producers assume that we are so excited by the prospect of another official Bond outing that we’ll pay to see anything vaguely spy related…

Just don't sit behind the wheel and not turn it on.

Or, perhaps it’s because – remedies for current, real-world concerns about surveillance – spy films are an exciting and rarefied breed, combining the darkness and moral ambiguity of film noir with the gunplay of the action thriller – double-crosses and dead drops thrown in for good measure. Of course, Bond is the most visible agent of the genre, but he wasn’t the first – and he probably won’t be the last. From the dark intrigue of Le Carré to the farce of Austin Powers, we are about to reveal our top twenty list of espionage capers that everyone needs to watch.

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